FSXinterlinked Investment Conferences

FSXinterlinked is the premier investment conference organization in the United States. Founded in 1983, FSXinterlinked is a national organization comprised of independent FINRA broker-dealer firms and private equity fund managers. With quarterly investment conferences hosted throughout the U.S., FSXinterlinked creates a forum for emerging growth companies seeking capital to present to a nationwide network of financial investment professionals. Through the FSXinterlinked partnership, companies and investors can easily connect, build relationships, and close deals faster.


Why Should You Choose FSXinterlinked?

Access & Global Exposure

The FSXinterlinked network of independent broker-dealers has a combined sales force of thousands of accredited investors looking to invest in companies of all sizes and industries. To date, billions of dollars have been raised for presenting companies through the FSXinterlinked network.

FSXinterlinked’s exclusive network of FINRA firms makes the investment conferences the ideal setting for private and public companies seeking mezzanine financing, funding for private placements, IPOs, secondary financing and pipes, exposure, and more.


Presenting Companies

As a Presenting Company at FSXinterlinked CONNECT FOR SUCCESS Conference, you will meet and interact with a nationwide network of investors; including broker dealer principals, investment bankers and other funding sources, as you discuss your company in both formal and informal environments.

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For broker-dealers, this is a fabulous opportunity to meet face-to-face with the CEO’s of 20+ companies as they present their business opportunities to you. We will provide broker education, FINRA updates, camaraderie and more.

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Resource Companies

For resource companies, if you are looking for new business, want to network with current customers, the resource room is the place to be!  Companies, sponsors and resource companies have global reach with our FSXInterlinked TV.

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Conference Background

FSXinterlinked was established in 1983. We connect companies seeking funding or exposure with people that can help you achieve those goals. We have been successfully doing this on a quarterly basis for past 30 years. We do this through networking, relationship building, technology and media.

Our conferences take place over a 2-day period. We do this for a reason. We want you to meet and develop relationships with broker-dealer principals from around the country (our members). An SB2 study was conducted and it indicated before a serious investment is made in a private, micro or small cap company, the investor wants to meet three times, face-to-face, with the head of the company. When you spend money to present at a luncheon, or at a one-day event, you do not have the opportunity to “connect” on that level with investors. FSXinterlinked plans eight different structured networking opportunities, through breakfasts, lunches, and receptions to allow time to make contacts.